Four Tips To Select A Good Property Valuer

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If you’d like to know the value of your property quickly and with a high level of precision
the person to go to is a property valuer.
A property appraiser is a real estate professional who is typically also operating as a real estate agent. They have pertinent local experience and knowledge to offer you a good indication of your property’s value fast and reliably.
But like any other profession
there are good assessors and bad ones. How are you able to avoid the bad ones’lowing are four things to remember when choosing a good property appraiser:
1. Professional Qualifications and/or Registration
Depending on your country and state
it may be a requirement for property assessors to be certified or licensed. Nonetheless in numerous countries
including Australia
this isn’t the case. Even so
there are associations that function as registries for real estate professionals.
The individual you are considering should be a member of a minimum of one registered body of property professionals. So ask him or her about her qualifiactions and professional memberships. If there are none
look for someone else.
2. Check the Company or Organisation
If the appraiser professes to be part of a real estate agency or company
ask for his or her membership card and have it copied for your research purposes. Check with the agency connected to the valuer. Ask for the appraiser’s past record before choosing to hire the services offered or not.
Do a simple search on Google for the organisation and the person’s name and check if what you find corresponds to what the prospective valuer has told you.
3. Check for detailed familiarity of your local area
Ask the appraiser if she or he has a high percentage of work in your area. The larger the percentage
the better. Why’gests the appraiser knows the ‘ns and outs’of the specific neighborhood and has excellent knowledge on the area. A good way to check this is to find out how well he knows your street and nearby houses or facilities when you tell him your address.
4. Personal Visit
Assessments can’t be done remotely or over the phone. A good appraiser will insist on coming to your home and view it personally. An appraiser would also be able to give you some guidance on which improvements you may make to your house to increase its valuation. As per point 3
he or she should require little direction to find your house. Also
most real estate agents will not charge any money for an appraisal.
These are four things you will need to know about your valuer. If these four areas check alright
then you probably have found a good property appraiser. You now stand to get a quality answer to the question ‘What is my house worth”n Walker is an approved advisor to Real Estate Appraisals
a website dedicated to finding the best real-estate professionals to perform a property appraisal for you.
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